50/50 Dust Control Program - Please call 765.362.2304 to sign up from now to May 31st. Spraying will start first week of June depending on the weather.

County 50/50 Dust Control Program Sign Up will run through May 31st, 2019.  

300' Dust Control:  Property Owner Cost $263

600' Dust Control:  Property Owner Cost $526

1.  The County will not be offering Calcium Chloride this year, therefore if the resident prefers Calcium Chloride, you will need to contact the company directly.  

2.  Anything over 600' will be billed 100% to the resident.

3.  The residents will receive a bill from the County Highway Department.  Payment MUST be made to the Montgomery County Treasurer's Office either by mail or in person.  

4.  Signup will be from Tuesday, April 23rd to Friday, May 31st.  Spraying will start the first week of June weather permitting.

5.  We cannot spray in front of the resident's neighbor without the neighbor's permission.

6.  Roads not maintained by the Highway Department are not eligible for the County 50/50 Dust Program.

7.  All dust control is subject to repair and will be tunred over for the winter beginning on or after November 1st.  

8.  Please call 765.362.2304 to sign up.