Summary of the 7-24-23 Board of Commissioners Meeting



MONDAY, JULY 24, 2023


Consent Agenda              Approved.

Approval of Claims:

Accounts Payable: $3,983,268.92

Payroll: $422,529.69

Minutes:  June 26, 2023 & July 10, 2023

Affirm USI Authorization to Proceed Form - 2023-02 CCMG Application and Contract Document Preparation - Highway Department

USI consultants will provide assistance in the application for the Community Crossing Matching Grant program to pave county roads. The amount is $22,000.


Affirm  Purchase of Trucks - Highway Department

Enterprise- The Highway Department is utilizing the Enterprise program and obtain 3- RAM 3500 trucks for the amount of $54,490 per year. This is part of the replacement plan and has been budgeted. Attached are the already signed quotes from Enterprise.


Authorization to Join Lafayette Region for READI 2.0 

The Commissioners authorized staff to submit a letter to join the regional group centered in Lafayette for Readi 2.0.

 The State Legislature created the READi grant program to encourage neighboring communities across the state to work collaboratively to develop a bold vision for their future that will attract, develop and retain talent in Indiana.

Montgomery County joined the 180 Alliance regional group for READI. Other members of the group were Boone County, Hendricks County, Morgan County, Johnson County and Putnam County. The County received a READi grant for the construction of the extension of Purple Heart Parkway from 231 to Ladoga Road.

During the 2023 State legislative process, additional funds were approved for a second round of READi grant funding known as READi 2.0. The State has instructed the donut counties around Indianapolis to belong to the central Indiana regional group for READi 2.0. This means that the 180 Alliance group will no longer exist.


Redaction Services & Support Agreement - Recorder's Office 

The Recorder’s Office contract with CSI-Computer Systems, Inc. will provide redaction services for public documents in the Recorder’s Office. The service is an automated process that blocks specific information in a scanned document such as social security numbers from being viewable.

 The contract term is from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2027. The cost of this service for newly recorded scanned documents is $3,375.

CSI also provides this service for documents previously scanned with a cost based on volume: $.065/page for a volume of less than 500,000 pages, $.055/page between 500,000 and 749,999 pages, $ .045/page between 750,000 and 999,999 pages and $.035/page for 1,000,000 or more pages.

The contract will be paid from the Recorder’s Office budget.


New Business

2023 Community Crossings Grant Application (CCMG) Financial Commitment


 In order to apply for State CCMG funds to pave County roads, the County must submit a financial commitment letter that states that the County is responsible for 25% of the total cost of the project. The engineer’s estimate for the County’s match is $351,900. The following roads are being submitted in the application for state funding:

  • Concord Road between Crawfordsville City limits and 400 N
  • 150 S between Ladoga Road & Nucor Rd
  • 700 N between US 231 & 100 W
  • 600 S between State Road 47 & New Market City Limits
  • 600 S between New Market City limits & US 231


MOU with IMPA for Guardrail Installation 


 The Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) has requested that the County install a guardrail in the right of way on the west side of County Road 250 East across from the end of Comfort Drive to protect their solar farm located on the west side of County Road 250 East. IMPA has stated that they will reimburse the County for the cost to install the guardrail. The Memorandum of Understanding establishes the agreement for the installation of the guardrail and reimbursement for the cost of installation.


Award Guardrail Quotes

Awarded to C-Tech for $7,000 to install the guardrail on the west side of County 250 East at the end of Comfort Drive.


Notice to Bidders - Bridge 182

Authorized staff to issue the Notice to Bidders for the construction of Bridge 182 over Big Raccoon Creek on County Road 750 E. Bids are due to commissioner’s office August 25th by 3:00 pm. The bids will be opened September 11th at the commissioners meeting. The estimated cost is $570,000 and will be paid from the Cumulative Bridge Fund.


Opioid Settlement Plan Presentation 

The Commissioners approved the plan from Drug Free Montgomery County to utilize the funding from the settlement of Opioid lawsuits. 




Final Reading Ordinance 2023-9:  2024 Local Coordinating Council Grant Fund


The Probation Department has received a $15,740 grant to support the Juvenile Cognitive Behavioral Program.


First Reading Ordinance 2023-10: Creating the Local Public Health Services Fund


 The proposed ordinance establishes the Local Public Health Services Fund to receive, use, and account for funds received from the State of Indiana by the County for the Montgomery County Health Department as administered by its Board of Health.


First Reading Ordinance 2023-11:  Amending Internal Controls to Adopt Suspension and Debarment Policy


 The Ordinance amends the County’s Internal Controls Policy to adopt and implement a Suspension and Debarment policy. Federal law requires local governments to comply with certain regulations regarding the contracting of business with third party contractors and subcontractors who are subject to federal suspension and debarment from performing work on projects funded by certain federal and/or state funds.


First Reading Ordinance 2023-12: Adopting a Federal Funds Purchasing Policy


 In order for the County to accept funding from the Federal Government, the County must adopt a purchasing policy regarding the procurement of goods, materials and services in accordance with Title 2, Part 200 of the Code of Federal Regulations. The Ordinance adds a new section to the County Code to establish a purchasing policy to comply with these Federal Regulations.


First Reading Ordinance 2023-13:  Adopting Internal Control Policy Regarding Federal Grants and Cost Principles


 The ordinance adds a Cost Principles Policy to the County’s Internal Controls Policy. 

Federal law requires the County to adhere to certain accounting principles to ensure that the federal government pays for costs associated with the administration of the of federal grant awarded to the County.


First Reading Ordinance 2023-14:  Amending the Clothing Allowance Policy


 The County has adopted a clothing allowance policy that outlines the process to provide a clothing allowance or uniform for employees. The Ordinance amends the employee eligibility section to include the Probation Department, Emergency Management/Homeland Security or any other Department. The Ordinance also removes the requirement that employees purchase clothing or uniforms prior to receiving a clothing allowance.