3-25-24 Board of Commissioners Meeting Summary

Meeting Summary



MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2024


CONSENT AGENDA          Approved.

Approval of Claims: AP & 3/22 Payroll

Minutes:  March 11, 2024



Commissioners recognized Jennifer for her 30 years of service with the County. She will be leaving at the beginning of April.


Jennifer started working in the Montgomery County Clerk's Office on June 15, 1994 as a Deputy Clerk and continued working in the Clerk's office and eventually serving two terms as Clerk of the Circuit Court.  After her term as Clerk ended Jennifer was then elected to the office of Montgomery County Recorder where she has served one complete term and she is leaving the office just nine months before the end of her second term. Her service to the County has been unwavering and she will be greatly missed by all.



Deckard Work Order Agreement - $800


Work order agreement for staking the parcel boundaries of a property owned by the County at the corner of Nucor Road and US 136 E. The County will be seeking bids to farm the property in 2024. Deckard Surveying has stated that the work can be accomplished without having to perform a boundary survey. The estimated cost is $800 and will be completed by April 12.


Peters Franklin LTD Engagement Agreement - Lease Rental Property Tax Bonds - $42,500



The engagement letter is with Peters Franklin Municipal Finance Advisors and Consultants. The County has engaged Peters Franklin for previous bonds issued by the County. They will be providing municipal advisory services in relation to the issuance of the proposed Lease Rental Property Tax Bonds for the Courthouse Project. The cost for their services is $42,500.


THRIVE West Central Agreement Grant Application Services - NTE $5,000



The County intends to pursue discretionary funding through a grant application to the Office of Community and Rural Affairs Blight Clearance Program to aid in the demolition of a designated blight property. The Memorandum of Understanding with Thrive West Central provides that Thrive West Central will provide technical assistance and grant application preparation for the project. Thrive West Central will invoice the County based on the actual time expended with a cap of $5,000. The agreement will expire at the end of 2024. If the County is awarded the grant and selects Thrive West Central to provide grant administrative services, then the fee will be waived.


Schneider Geospatial Professional Services Agreement - 1x fee - $17,784; $23,700 Annual


The Building, Health and Highway departments issue permit for various projects including building, right of way and septic permits. Currently the departments use in house databases such as Access and Excel for permitting organization and issuance. The data collected for these projects is kept over the years for access to past projects with information such as site plans locating infrastructure on project sites. Other permitting functions such as floodplain we are required to house the information in perpetuity for access.

This new software is an online portal that can be accessed from the admin side and the public. It allows clients to file permitting information with the County online and also allows the client to track inspections and make payments for service.

We looked at several software companies that provide this type of service. Schneider Geospatial offers a product that fits our need for a one stop shop permitting called Geo Permits. After careful consideration and consistent conversation regarding need, we have decided that Geo Permits is the most comprehensive product for the money.

In March the Council approved a $33,900.00 additional appropriation to the IT Software line for this purpose. Before you is the PSA contract for services with Schneider Geospatial for the Geo permits software acquisition for Montgomery County.



First Reading Ordinance 2024-10:  Ordinance Prohibiting Food and Beverages in the Courthouse



Ordinance creates new section in the County Code to prohibit visitors to the Montgomery County Courthouse from bringing food or beverages in to the Courthouse. Currently, food and beverages are not allowed in the Courtrooms in the Montgomery County Courthouse per the County Judges. Visitors often leave food and beverages outside the Courtrooms which results in beverages being spilled on to the floor of the hallways. The spillage may cause a slipping hazard and damage to the floor.



Resolution 2024-6 Approving Transfer Agreement with MCCF Bridge, Inc.



Resolution approved agreement with MCCF Bridge, Inc. to transfer the vacant building owned by the County at 110 West South Boulevard in Crawfordsville to MCCF Bridge. The County is donating the property to MCCF Bridge. MCCF Bridge intends to construct an early learning center at this property to serve children in Montgomery County and they intend to break ground on this project in April 2024. Agreement also authorizes the President to sign the warranty deed to transfer to MCCF Bridge.