Dog Taxes

State Form 52694 (7-06)
Prescribed by the Department of Local Government Finance
See Indiana Code 6-9-39
Pay at Animal Welfare Shelter or County Treasurer's Office
  • Subject to $25 fine per dog after July 1
Who Must File:
Any person who harbors or keeps a taxable dog in or near a person's premises regardless of who owns the dog. A person who harbors or keeps a taxable dog is liable for the tax.
What is a "Taxable" Dog:
  • Any dog six (6) months of age or older. The maximum tax is $5.00 per dog.
  • Each taxable dog must be listed separately on the State Form 52694, unless applying for a kennel License.
  • Name, address and phone number must be completed on the form.
Kennel License:
  • Dogs kept for breeding, boarding, training or sale.
  • More then six taxable dogs, maximum fee is $50.00
  • Less than six taxable dogs, maximum fee is $30.00
Where the Taxes Go:
A seventy-five cent fee may be retained by the designated tax collector. The remainder is divided with 20% for canine research and education at Purdue University and 80% may be used by the county for the support of animal care facilities; animal control, including dead animal disposal; reimbursement to farmers for livestock kills; and reimbursement to people who have undergone treatment for post exposure rabies.

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