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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Andel, Jennifer Auditor Auditor 765-364-6403
Bentley, Sherri Assessor, AAS   765-364-6425
Bickel, Mark Assistant Chief Probation Officer Probation 765-364-6474
Bohlander, Jacob County Council Council 765-364-6400
Bonwell, Marc Building Administrator Building/Zoning Department 765-364-6493
Booth, Gary County Council Council 765-364-6400
Buser, Joseph County Prosecutor Prosecutor 765-364-6470
Bushong, Cindy Environmental Deputy / Emergency Preparedness Coroner  
Byers, Mindy Chief Deputy Auditor 765-364-6401
Cochran, Hannah Adult Probation Officer Probation 765-361-4164
Cox, Nancy Chief Deputy Treasurer 765-364-6410
Crull, Kevin Sheriff Deputy Sheriff 765-362-3740
Cummins, Tom Surveyor Surveyor 765-361-3234
Custer, Lena Courts Deputy Clerk's Office 765-364-6431
Cutts, Eric Problem Solving Court Case Manager Probation 765-364-6488
Dale, Connie Jail Matron County Jail 765-362-3740
Davidson, Mark Councilman - District 4 Council 765-364-6400
DAVIS, MICHAEL Mapping Director Addresses 765-364-6492
Dossett, Lori Commissioners Executive Assistant/ADA & Title VI Coordinator Commissioners 765-361-2623
Douglas, Karyn Clerk of the Circuit Court   765-364-6437
Edgell, Ryan IT Facilitator IT Department   765-323-4253
Ellis, Joe Veterans Service Officer Veterans Service Office 765-361-4133
Emmert, Vicki Secretary Surveyor 765-361-3234
Feltner, Barb Office Administrator Probation 765-364-6463
Forman, Darren Coroner Coroner 765-364-6368
Staff 1-25 of 84