Alcohol - Mobile Home Permits

Alcohol Beverage Permits
Every person, business, or corporation that sells alcohol is required to have a Property Tax Clearance Schedule-Form No. 1 signed by the County Treasurer to obtain their Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission Liquor License.
The County Treasurer will verify that the taxes have been paid before signing the Form.
The Property Tax Clearance Schedule - Form No. 1 is available at

Mobile Home Permits
Move or transfer a Mobile Home: A Mobile Home Permit is obtained from the County Treasurer Office to move or transfer a Mobile Home.


All taxes, penalties and judgments on the mobile home must be paid in full through the end of the current year before the County Treasurer can issue a Mobile Home Permit.

Title Transfer:

This mobile home permit must accompany the applicant when applying for a title transfer at the Bureau of Motor Vehicle.

Moving Permit:

This mobile home permit must accompany the applicant to move a mobile. They may also need a highway moving permit. 

The Mobile Home Permit available on: