Pay Traffic Fines

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Traffic Fines Schedule (effective 2013)
 Failure to yield emergency vehicle
 All other (Moving Violations)
 All other (Equipment & License)
 Driving While Suspended 
    +90 days license suspension
 No Insurance/Financial Respon.
    +90 days license suspension
 All other Infraction Violations
    (Includes barking dogs, littering,
     window tint, open container,
     possession of fireworks and
     permitting a violation among others
FMCR Violations 
Dyed Fuel Violations 
Fuel Tax Permit
Overweight 6 cents per pound + cost 
Call Clerk 
No Seatbelt (age 8-15 years and adult) 
Child Restraint (age 4-7 years) 
Child Restraint (less than 4 years) 
   First offense & proof within 30 days 
   First offense & no proof 
   Subsequent violations

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