Sugar Creek Public Fishing Area

The Sugar Creek Public Fishing Area is now open to the public on Offield Monument Road.  The DNR is anticipating a news release announcing the opening in the near future. 


As mentioned, Fish and Wildlife owns 12.5 acres that allows fishing with an improved path to the river. 


In addition, the remaining area, known as the Bachner Nature Preserve, was purchased using Heritage trust money along with money from NICHES, Friends of Sugar Creek, and the Nature Conservancy.  Niches holds title the 28.5 acres of land and is responsible for management.  As part of the Heritage trust project there is a fishing easement on the 28.5 acres.  Therefore, individuals may also fish the Nature Preserve for free.  This area has been planted to native trees and grasses.


At some point in the near future, DNR will be placing some parking barriers the parking lot on our site.  In addition to the tree planting that is already done on the 12.5 acres,  our site will also be planted to warm and cool season grasses.  Friends of Sugar Creek will be adopting the site to help with trash pick up. 

James Kershaw

Public Access Program Supervisor

402 West Washington St W273

Indpls. IN 46204