Meeting Summary of the 9-11-23 Board of Commissioners Meeting

Meeting Summary

Board of Commissioners Meeting 

September 11, 2023



Approval of Claims

Accounts Payable - $1,819,966.95

Payroll 9/8 - $461,982.95

Minutes - August 28, 2023

Treasurer's Office - 2023 Invoice Cloud Contract - Price Increase

Invoice Cloud notified the Treasurer's office that the 2023 rates would be increasing on July 6, 2023 and the agreement requires acknowledgement of the increase.

Highway Department - Unofficial Detour Reimbursement Contract - $3,146.30

Reimbursement from the State for the expense of a contractor applying dust control in front of a residence on the unofficial local detour for the SR234 closure.



Open Bridge 182 Bids - CR750E over Big Raccoon Creek.

Opened bids from Conexco: $673,615; Collim Excavating: $862,802 and HIS Constructors: $795,692. The bids will be reviewed and may be awarded at a future meeting.

 The bids are for the constructing of a precast flat top structure with precast footers, headwalls, and wing walls, guardrail, roadway approach work, site grading, and demolition of the existing structure according to the plans and specifications. 

 Appointment to Board of Zoning Appeals

Appointed Jason Ramsey to the Board of Zoning Appeals to fill a vacancy on the Board.


Final Reading Ordinance 2023-15:  Amending the Speed Limit on County Road 100 South between Nucor Road and County Road 600E


 The Highway Department received a request to change the speed limit on County Road 100 South between Nucor Road and County Road 600 East. According to the new policy for the consideration of changing a speed limit, a speed study is required. The 85th percentile of the speed in the speed study will be used to determine the appropriate speed limit for the road in question.

 The Highway Department conducted a speed study and the 85th percentile was 42 mph. As a result, the Highway Department recommended that the speed limit for this section of road be established at 45 mph.

 Introduction Ordinance 2023-16: Amending Tax Rate for Cumulative Bridge Fund


Ordinance reduces the 2024 tax rate for the Cumulative Bridge Fund from $.07 per $100 of Assessed Value to $.055 per $100 of Assessed Value.