Montgomery County Redevelopment Commission

The State Legislature allows counties to create Redevelopment Commissions (RDC) in order to carry out two very important tasks - the redevelopment of blighted areas and the promotion of economic development.  The RDC's main job is to consider how it may use its authority to promote job creation.  This primary responsibility is discharged through the creation of Economic Development Areas (EDAs) in order to facilitate economic development. The RDC must fully study current economic conditions, plan infrastructure and other projects designed to create jobs, and otherwise address economic development issues.  In addition, the RDC is especially situated to finance such projects because of the statutory powers which allows for Tax Incriment Financing (TIF). 
The RDC consists of six (6) members.  Five (5) members are appointed by the County Commissioners and County Council.  These 5 members are voting members.  One member is recommended by a School Corporation, and this member is a non-voting member.  The non-voting member has all of the same responsibilities of the other members.
2019 Board Members:
Ron Dickerson, President
Commissioner John Frey
Howard Rippy
Councilman Gary Booth
Phil Littell
Jerry Kincaid - Non-Voting School Board Member
Dan Taylor serves as counsel.  

Cheryl Morphew serves as Economic Development Coordinator

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